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  1. Shitty day out, time for some warmth and Elvira


  2. dexter-spikes:

    to be the very best

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  5. Brings me back to those day long, care free internet sessions of my youth

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  8. This old man and his hummingbird brightened my morning.


  9. My brothers making the whole family watch a dog drag its bird on the carpet #thanksgiving


  10. Yay! I hope it’s better than last season #americanhorrorstory


  11. The cats must know I’m not feeling good and upped the cute levels to compensate


  12. Pumpkin Casper!


  13. Beers, #hyrulewarriors , and the internets coming tomorrow makes this girl one #happycamper



  15. Found these two hiding in the bar together….#suspicious